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Item Code 產品編號: M-VITCC

Each tablet of Calvive C 1000 Contains 1000 mg Vitamin C and 260 mg Calcium, which helps to build a stronger body.

Vitamin C enhances the immune system and builds up body resistance.

  • Prevent common colds
  • Speed up recovery from illness
  • Assist iron absorption

Calcium strengthens bones and teeth.

Dissolve one tablet of Calvive C 1000 every day in a glass of water to give you a delicious health drink.

  • Adults and school children from 8 years of age upwards: 1 tablet daily
  • Replenish Calcium and Vitamin C during pregnancy and lactation, period of rapid growth children, adolescences, in old age

每片康鈣C 含1000 亳克維他命C 及260亳克鈣,有效強化身體。

維他命C 有助鞏固免疫系統,增強身體抵抗力。

  • 預防傷風
  • 加速病後痊癒
  • 令鐵質的吸收更有效



  • 成人及8歲以上兒童每日一片
  • 適合懷孕及哺乳期中婦女、發育中的小朋友及青年、長者,補充鈣質及維他命C