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Product Details Price: $160

Item Code 產品編號: FAAEAAG

  • When the heel of the foot makes contact with the ground
  • The air bag made of polyurethane
  • Insole can absorbs the shock of the heel
  • This relieves fatigue in the legs and feet
  • The air bag is a supplementation of the arch
  • The air in the air bag pressed from the heel is flown towards the arch of the foot to provide support and prevent the falling of the arch
  • 當腳後跟與地面接觸時,氣囊聚氨酯製成的鞋墊可吸收腳跟所承受的衝擊
  • 這將舒緩腿和腳所承受的衝擊
  • 額外添加一個氣囊來承受壓力
  • 鞋墊中的氣囊可從按壓為腳跟朝向足弓提供支持和防跌