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Product Details Price: $690

Item Code 產品編號: FHALLUX
•  Elastic bandage comfortably correct hallux valgus
•  Do not hinder movement of big toe, fit well in most shoes, user can walk freely wearing Hallufix
•  Instantly relieve pain
•  Soft pad help reduce pressure
•  Anti-bacterial coating
•  Indication: Mild and moderate, correctable deformity of big toe, after operation, as a preventive and corrective measure for hallux valgus
•  具備彈性繃帶,有利於矯正外翻角度
•  穿戴後無阻大拇趾活動,方便穿上一般鞋子,如常走動
•  有效即時減低痛楚
•  軟墊有效減壓
•  抗菌表層
•  適用於:輕微至中度的拇趾外翻、手術後使用、預防及治療拇趾外翻