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Product Details Price: $128 (5cm x 5m); $500 (5cm x 32m)

Item Code 產品編號: OTKT (5cm x 5m), OTKTL (5cm x 32m)


• Correcting the balance of human body by regulating tension and relaxation on muscles and ligaments
• Wave-shape adhesion face to maximize air circulation as well as to prevent skin allergies
• Outstanding adhesive property
• Non-stimulus Tape
• Relief of muscle pain, and prevention of injuries
• Water resistant tape
• Source cloth processed for water repellency
• Outstanding adhesive property in soggy or sweaty conditions.


• 可幫助放鬆肌肉和韌帶,改善身體平衡
• 波浪形黏貼設計,可增加透氣面,防止皮膚敏感徵狀出現
• 強力黏貼設計,不會刺激皮膚
• 減少肌肉痛楚,防止肌肉損傷
• 防水設計