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Item Code 產品編號:  N-CNAI


• Prevents and treats cervical vertebral disease. Improves blood supplied to neck and brain.

• Low and high-pressure air chambers can improve the patient’s comfort during traction and immobilization. Adjustable traction angle and force.
• Magnets can enhance treatment effect.
• No pain, no side effect.
• Effective results within several weeks.
• Weight 250g; Traction Range 1cm-20cm; Traction Force 0-80kg

• 預防和治療頸椎疾病,改善腦部及頸部的血液循環

• 充氣調校,可控制拉力及牽引的角度
• 內有磁石以增強療效
• 無痛、無副作用
• 數星期內會有顯著療效
• 重量250g;牽拉範圍 1cm-20cm;牽引力0-80kg