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Product Details Price: $85

Item Code 產品編號: O420285

Strappal is a professional quality zinc oxide tape widely used in clinical settings worldwide. It is ideal for sports strapping and physio taping when you need to stabilize joint structures and provide firm, rigid support or immobilization of sports injuries.  Strappal is hypoallergenic and is manufactured without latex.

  • Viscose tape provides better water resistance than standard cotton
  • Latex-free adhesive leaves no residue and is less likely to irritate the skin
  • Serated edges for easy hand tearing, also tearable along length

Strappal is available in 2 sizes: 1.25cm x 10m and 4cm x 10m.

Strappal是一種專業優質的氧化鋅繃帶,廣泛應用於全球臨床環境。 當您需要穩定關節結構並提供穩固,堅固的支撐或固定運動損傷時,它是理想的運動繃帶和物理膠帶。 Strappal是低過敏性的,沒有乳膠製成。


Strappal有兩種尺寸:1.25厘米 x 10米和4厘米 x 10米。