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Product Details Price: $1398

Item Code 產品編號: E-MFSM

  • 12 programs, including 1 fully customizable 5 phase program
  • Two channels
  • Timer and milliamps displayed on the LCD screen
  • Custom program treatment times from 1 minute to 10 hours
  • Records time in use and average intensity for each channel
  • High safety level to protect the user
  • Dimension(L x W x H): 11.7 x 6.6 x 3.3cm
  • CE 0123
  • For the rehabilitative training of muscles:
    • allow either targeted muscle growth and invigoration or;
    • serve for relaxation and detoxification.
    • Muscle imbalances can be prevented and regeneration processes are accelerated
  • For the incontinence therapy:
    • both stress and urge incontinence as well as for faecal incontinence.
    • Mixed incontinence can be treated easily with individually designed different phases in the custom program
  • 含12個使用程式,主要提供止痛、肌肉刺激及失禁治療
  • 不同模式作針對治療或訓練,清晰易用
  • 提供多種電刺激模式:持續、調頻、陣發、韓氏電刺激及間歇
  • 獨立雙頻道輸出
  • 可記錄使用時間及每個頻道的平均電流強度
  • 自動鎖定電流強度
  • 尺寸11.7cm(長) x 6.6cm(闊) x 3.3cm(高)
  • 操作簡易,長者適用