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Product Details Price: $1060

Item Code 產品編號:  HTHERMO

  • Designed to deliver moist heat treatments when lying in bed or sitting on a chair.
  • absorbing water particles in the air to generate moist and heat-provides effective moist heat therapy for instant pain relief associated with Arthritis, back pain and inflammation.
  • Adjustable time(15, 30 or 60mins) and temperature(low, medium and high)
  • Automatic Off function
  • Highest Temperature: around 75℃
  • Enhance Blood circulation, relaxing tense muscle and facilitate healing of injured tissues.
  • 專為濕熱治療而設計,可躺在床上或坐在椅上使用
  • 自行製造濕氣,提供有效的濕熱治療,即時舒緩關節炎、背痛及各種炎症引起的疼痛
  • 可設定溫度(低 ,中,高)和治療時間(15,30或60分鐘)
  • 自動關機功能
  • 最高溫度達約75℃
  • 促進血液循環、放鬆緊繃肌肉,並加速受傷組織復原