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Product Details Price: $120-$189

Item Code 產品編號: H6212A(Cervical), H61024A(S), H01306A(L)
• Unique SofTouch gel material
• Frost-free, remain soft, pliable and soothing to touch
• Cool in freezer and heated up by microwave.
• Hot Application: for arthritic and rheumatic pain and muscles strain
• Cold Application: helps relieve acute sprain or swelling
• 獨特研製凝膠質
• 冷凍後仍能保持柔軟
• 可用微波爐加熱,或放進冰箱內冷凍
• 熱療:關節炎、風濕痛和肌肉緊張
• 冷療:急性扭傷或腫脹